Loving Yourself

Define Love Project 2017 || Day 15: Body Positivity

I think my most favorite trend that has been going around the social media world is body positivity.

Just the general idea that if you are alive you are beautiful head to toe! You a an amazing & unique creation, and you don’t need anyone to tell you so.

I’ve always had insecurities about my body, as everyone does. Being Filipino, I always have Tita’s commenting on my body when I gain weight. They don’t mean to be hurtful, but not only does it bring my self esteem down, its freaking annoying. I think the worst thing was when I came back from the Philippines and one of my friends mom told me, “Oh! What happened to your sexy body?!”

Like, c’mon tita, it’s still here.

I used to hate a lot of things about my body. Stretch marks, my smile, my hands, ect. Then I realized that this is me! Its my smile & hands & marks that make me… me! Why spend time bringing myself down? I can work out & take care of my body of course, but I don’t need to be upset about things I can’t change about my body.

Gotta love the body I got.

Peace & Love,


Define Love Project || Day 12: Feeling Better


I have FINALLY figured out how to make myself feel better when I’m deep into my sadness or depression. Obviously not right away, but honestly some of my tactics are laughable. Finding out what to do when I’m feeling anxious, sad, depressed, angry, ect. was probably the best thing that’s ever happened to me. Some of these things I learned from friends, family members, or just by being by myself and trying my best just to get that negativity out of my mind. Here are some things that I do to make myself happy, or to outlet negativity:

  1. Listening to music:

I used music to express how I feel. Whether its the lyrics or the progressions, the samples of sound or the strength of a voice… when I find music that I can relate to, I make sure to save it under a playlist for that emotion. I love finding new music and creating playlists that make me feel a certain way.

2. Singing

I recently just got a new car, well… an old-new car. The radio doesn’t work, and even though I have CD’s I can’t use them. So I just sing by myself in the car. In my old car I would play playlists that I made specifically to scream loudly while driving. Same thing for my shower. I’ve always loved to sing, and now I can use it to make me feel better. Recently my go-to singing-in-the-car artist is The Beatles. I scream Happiness Is a Warm Gun all the time.

3. Stand Up Comedy

One of my friends got me into stand up comedy recently. (You know who you are, and I don’t know if you even read these, but you have no idea how much it’s helped me. So thank you for that.) I love stand up comedy now. I listen to it at work, in the car, and I watch specials all the time when I’m at home. Its really hard to be sad when Bill Burr is screaming about thinning the population & supporting swine flu, or when Joe Rogan talks about how the Kardashians are actually demons. (I like dark humor, sorry) Plus, laughter really is the best medicine. I love to laugh.

4. Face masks, oils, & taking care of my skin.

I used to have really problematic skin when I was younger. I don’t really have that problem anymore, even though I didn’t take care of my skin for a long time. I recently started learning more about using natural cleansers and essential oils to take care of my skin, and I’m telling you that stuff works. It makes me feel better when I’m more mindful of how I take care of myself. Now all of my cleansers are organic, and I use face masks regularly. It’s awesome.

There are so many more things that I’ve learned, but I don’t feel like typing them all out right now. Taking care of myself and learning how to make myself feel better has made me more relaxed and content with things that go on in my life. Know yourself, I highly recommend it.

Peace & Love,



Define Love Project 2017 || Day 10: Dream Size

When I was in middle school, I planned out my entire high school career. The summer after 8th grade I took a summer class (by choice) so by the time I was a senior I would have completed all the health science courses, including the technical ones. I remember getting that course sheet plan in middle school, and my goal was to graduate high school with a CNA license and work as a CNA while I was in college. I executed every class since then, got great grades, and even planned to become an officer of the health science club (I was the president my senior year). All my plans had fallen into place and I was doing great.

The only problem is, I didn’t plan on changing my mind.

I had all of this set up, I thought I knew what I wanted…. and then I realized that I didn’t even want to be a nurse. After doing the clinical rotations and following doctors and nurses around, I couldn’t do that for too long… I would get so tired of it. Because who knows me better than myself?

Now I’m here, trying to figure out what I want to go to school for and what I want to do. I’ve developed dreams and ideas that I want to pan out so badly. Some of them are big, others are small, but each deserved their own love and attention.

I have big dreams of business running around in my brain. Working with a small business in their main office made me think, “I could totally do that.” Obviously dreams like that take lots of time, planning, and money, but for those things to happen I have to work hard now.

But, there are things that I want that aren’t so out of reach…

For example: I really want a pug. Like, how cute are those little guys? They all have their own personalities, with their smushed faces and weird barking. Whats not to love?

When I need inspiration to keep working hard and saving money, I’ll think to myself,

“Hey, if I don’t work hard now… how am I going to provide for my future pug!?”

These dreams of business and pug ownership are definitely not on the same level, but they both need to be worked for. I can dream about my future apartment (& I already know EXACTLY how I want it to be…) but if I keep dreaming about it, it’ll just stay a dream! The way I think about it is, no matter the dream, big or small, each day you have to work hard and work on yourself in order for those dreams to EVER become a reality.

My love for myself and the measures I take to care for my mental hygiene was not something that just kind of popped up in my mind to do. Taking each day one step at a time, I’ve realized that I’ve grown so much already just this past year!

So, what I’m saying is… I need to work hard  because I love and care about myself. I can do it! I can make it happen! I WILL have a pug in the future! I WILL save money, work hard, and finally have my own place to start my vinyl collection. Everything will fall into place if I strive for it to.

Peace & Love,



Define Love Project 2017 || Day 9: How Did I Get Here?

This time last year I was in a really deep episode of depression. I remember having a dream about myself. I was tanned, happy, my hair was long, I was surfing in Southern California, and I had this aura of strength that I have never seen in myself before.

This might sound crazy, but I think that might have been a vision. Something in the back of my mind was telling me, “Look, things are kind of sucky right now… okay, REALLY sucky. But you see this strong woman? That’s you! That’s who you are inside, all you need to do is grow into that person, when you are ready to fully appreciate your growth.”

At that time I had no idea I was going to live in SoCal, this close to Huntington Beach. I even have a friend that offered to teach me how to surf!

Seeing this connection is kind of like seeing the light at the end of a tunnel. There are so many pains I had to go through to reach this point of acceptance & thankfulness, and I still have so much more to learn! I wouldn’t have known my worth if I didn’t get my heart broken. I wouldn’t have thought to put an effort into taking care of myself if I didn’t go through the financial struggles I’m going through now.

Just like I said in my last post, everything happens for a reason!!!!

The friends, lovers, family members, and strangers that come and go in your life teach you things whether you know it or not. Love is everywhere, and I’ve found that it can be in the most strange places. Going on this journey to define love wouldn’t have started if I felt like I already felt love in my life. The bad things that happen to us, may not necessarily be bad in the long run. Wisdom comes from experience. Strength comes from training. Love comes from where you least expected it.

Peace & Love,


Define Love Project 2017 || Day 8: Enjoy The Ride

Everything happens for a reason.

That is something I’ve been told countless times. Never did I think that the things I went to were connected to the growth I have experienced now. I remember things that happened to me as a kid, my thoughts and dreams. These dreams are slowly coming to a reality, and I didn’t notice that the heartache and struggle that I go through now will create a better version of me in the future.

I am here, living in California. Making music, meeting amazing people, and learning more about myself everyday. Thoughts of the past and the future have rattled around in my brain for months. What’s going to happen? Why did that happen? It doesn’t matter, it already did.

Dreams and goals are so quick to excite us that we fall in love with that idea of the end goal. Each day you are going through things to reach your goal, the way that you pursue and fight through each struggle will determine how you will grow. Eventually, the person you wanted to become will blossom, but that will only happen if you carefully take care of the person you are each day. And what freedom & happiness that will bring you.

Focusing on the moment, enjoying it with every fiber in my being, and working hard to take another step up to my end goal… that’s how I will know my own definition of success, happiness, and love.

Peace & Love,



Define Love Project 2017 || Day 7: Love Yourself

(Sorry I didn’t post yesterday my laptop crashed & I had to get it replaced… :P)

This in itself is a WHOLE OTHER SUBJECT.

Also something that is repeated that is over & over & over.

For me personally, loving myself is being patient with myself and learning how to be independent. Keeping myself up is a lot more difficult than I thought. I have days, weeks really, where I will feel emotionally dead and stuck in this rut of intense negative emotion. Sometimes I can bring myself out of it right away, other times its like I’m drowning.

Apparently  I thrive off of human interaction…but I’ve been alone way too often. Being alone this often has taught me a lot about myself. I feel like I haven’t been this in touch with who I am before, and I know for sure that I still have so much more to learn. My body and soul need conditioning, which are both things I’ve been working on everyday. I also need to learn how to deal with my finances better… There are so many different ways to take care of/love yourself, and I can’t really touch base on all of it.

Knowing when to stand up for yourself, making sure you’re treated with respect, understanding that you are aren’t at the end yet, things get better eventually. Anything can happen, and everything happens for a reason.

I can’t think of anything else to type.

Love yo’self

Treat yo’self

Writing everyday is getting pretty difficult, but it’s really all for me… a reminder for myself that all I need is love.

Peace & Love,


Define Love Project 2017 || Day 4: I’m My Own Best Friend

How sad and pitiful does that sound? It’s definitely true, but it’s probably the best thing that’s happened to me. I’ve learned to be comfortable going days without hanging out with anyone. Most weekends I don’t even talk to anyone or make plans. I just wake up and think of something to do. Maybe I want to learn how to cook something, maybe I want to go to the beach, sometimes I just drive and listen to full length albums from start to finish.

I used to always want to be around people. My energy usually came from being around other people. It sucks not having that kind of group to go to anymore, but I’ll find a good group of friends when I’m supposed to. In the mean time, I’ve been learning a lot about myself. The main struggle I had during this past year was figuring out who I was. I felt that my interests were influenced by the people around me, and now there was no one around me to make me feel something.

Spending this much time alone fixed that right away. I quickly learned how to be okay with going out alone all the time. I found my favorite places to get coffee, I figured out where I would be able to play music for people, and I wrote more music than I ever had before. I know that I like to make playlists of songs that make me feel a certain way, and that when I play them back I get the same feeling.

When I struggle emotionally, I know what I need to pick myself up. It’s made me stronger, and a lot more emotionally independent. I know who I am, I know things about myself that I want to fix, and what I don’t want to fix. I do love myself, which is an awesome thing to feel. I’m comfortable with myself.

Besides, one day I’ll find the right person to wake up with chocolate chip pancakes… for now I’ll just make some for myself. (More for meeee)

Love yo’self.

Peace & Love,