Welcome to the Define Love Project


Hello! My name is Clariza, and welcome to the Define Love Project.

I started this project in February 2016, to celebrate the month of love by searching for love each day of February. This project creates a love filled zone to learn and cherish what love is, and how myself and others view it in every possible way.

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines love as:

  1. an intense feeling of deep affection.

Although I for one can’t disagree with this definition, is that really all there is to love? Are there people that don’t really know what love is? What’s the difference between the love we show our friends and the love we show our significant others? This is what I want to know, and what I hope to learn. I want to know how to love, and how to receive it. Love is what keeps us together. It is a strong lesson in all types of religions and cultures. It is something that is a never ending learning experience.

There are people who struggle with knowing love, giving and receiving. People who cannot love themselves, their enemies, family, ect. There is someone out there who feels like they will never know what love is, or was taught about it but felt like they have never felt it. In this world there are people who have experienced abuse, sex trafficking, rape,  and discrimination. There are people who are told their love is inadequate, or not right at all. People with mental illnesses that may blind them from love at times, or make them feel like they are not worth loving at all.


This project for all, and you may take away something completely different from others…

The main goal of the Define Love Project is not only to define love.

But to know that love is real, and it exists.