Define Love Project 2017 || Day 7: Love Yourself

(Sorry I didn’t post yesterday my laptop crashed & I had to get it replaced… :P)

This in itself is a WHOLE OTHER SUBJECT.

Also something that is repeated that is over & over & over.

For me personally, loving myself is being patient with myself and learning how to be independent. Keeping myself up is a lot more difficult than I thought. I have days, weeks really, where I will feel emotionally dead and stuck in this rut of intense negative emotion. Sometimes I can bring myself out of it right away, other times its like I’m drowning.

Apparently  I thrive off of human interaction…but I’ve been alone way too often. Being alone this often has taught me a lot about myself. I feel like I haven’t been this in touch with who I am before, and I know for sure that I still have so much more to learn. My body and soul need conditioning, which are both things I’ve been working on everyday. I also need to learn how to deal with my finances better… There are so many different ways to take care of/love yourself, and I can’t really touch base on all of it.

Knowing when to stand up for yourself, making sure you’re treated with respect, understanding that you are aren’t at the end yet, things get better eventually. Anything can happen, and everything happens for a reason.

I can’t think of anything else to type.

Love yo’self

Treat yo’self

Writing everyday is getting pretty difficult, but it’s really all for me… a reminder for myself that all I need is love.

Peace & Love,



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