Define Love Project 2017 || Day 3: Friends

Friendship is a lot more important than I thought. The people that I care about outside of family, that I love just like family. Whether they stay in my life for a little bit or for a long time, I consider my friends to be my family while growing up.

When things in life were complicated, I was always able to reach out to the few close friends and spill my problems out on the table. The only people I really share my vulnerability with, or the people I talk about random topics with. Ever wanted to share your theories about how the world is being shaped by the media? I have a friend to talk to. Maybe I feel sad, but I know I have someone to lean on. They keep me in check. They remind me that life doesn’t have to be serious all the time, and laughing is okay.

Sometimes we just talk about dumb TV shows or music.

(other times we just have really… weird conversations…)

I don’t have much more to say about that. I just love my friends, the very few that I have. Always there for them, whether or not they can return the favor. I probably love some of my friends more than I will love any significant other in my life. That is the truth.

Oh well.

If you wanna be my lover….

(You gotta get with my friends)

Peace & Love,




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