About the Cutie behind Caramel Cult

Meet Persephone (Isn’t that name just so beautiful?). A cutie from England, film and music enthusiast, and the voice behind the awesome new podcast Caramel Cult ! She talks about her favorite music, shows, poetry, and feminism, creating an awesome place for girls to talk about art!  Here, we talk to her about Caramel Cult, as well as some personal things about the angel herself, and, of course, about love!

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How old are you?



What is Caramel Cult and why did you start it?

Caramel Cult is a podcast that I started because I wanted an excuse to talk about movies, books, music, poetry, feminism, or whatever was on my mind at the time. I often describe it as ‘the cult podcast for arty girls’, but I feel as if that’s not actually the best definition. Basically, it’s a space for anybody who wants to share their art and thoughts with a collective of creative people.

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What are you going to school for? Why?

I’m going to university to study English Literature and Film – which is basically the ideal degree for me! At first I couldn’t decide whether I wanted to study English Lit or Film because they’re both so important to me, but then I realised that choosing one over the other seemed wrong somehow. So I decided to study them both!


What was your internship about?

I worked as a blogger and social media intern at a wedding directory / magazine / online planner. Most of my time was spent running their social media accounts and writing for the blog, but I also spent lots of time creating Pinterest boards and Instagramming pretty photos.


What is your inspiration? How do you stay motivated?

I’m inspired by strong women. I grew up surrounded by women, so nothing makes me feel more capable than seeing a totally empowered woman living her life however she chooses and rejecting the expectations that men laid out for her. When it comes to staying motivated, I make sure I’m surrounded by art and writing that I love. If I’m ever stuck in a creative rut, all I have to do is see a great film or read a great sentence and I know I’ll feel that drive to start creating things again.

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What are you passionate about and why? 

I’m passionate about anything that helps me make sense of the world a little bit more. For me, I usually find this in films and writing, but it can be any form of creative expression. I decided a while ago that the reason I’m so drawn to art is because it’s the only way that I can really exist in the world. I need to immerse myself in other universes to be able to see reality clearly and understand it. I think that’s why film and literature speak to me so much. But, in a less superficial sense, I’m passionate about fairness. Nothing hurts me more than injustice. That’s what really keeps me up at night.


Where do you find love in your life?

I find love in my family, my friends and in animals. More and more these days, I find a lot of love within myself.

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How do you practice self-love?

To be honest I often find it difficult to practice self-love. We’re taught from such an early age that it’s more acceptable to hate yourself than love yourself, and to notice your flaws instead of your strengths. This has definitely had a negative effect on me, just like it has for girls all over the world. I try to overcome this every day and counter any negative thoughts about myself with kindness. Whether it’s eating a healthy meal or going for a walk in the countryside, I try to practice self love by nurturing myself.


How do you define love?

For me, love is freedom and truth.

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A big thank you to Persephone for letting us do the interview! We had a lot about fun getting to know her! You can check out her podcast here and her instagram here !

We hope you enjoyed this interview as much as we did! Stay tuned, cause we have some more awesome friends about love with!

Peace & Love,



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