Love is


On Tuesday, July 26th, I had the most amazing opportunity to attend to a workshop held by School Of Doodle. An indescribable group/organization/women empowerment group/safe place/artists movement that I have come to love and be inspired by. This workshop had panels about topics like “Turning your Passion into Profession” and “Girl on Girl Hate”, it was amazing to see all of the strong and independent women, men, nonbinary, and genderqueer teens/young adults speaking so freely and being inspired by each other. In the very first panel, we were introduced to the beautiful, loving soul La Shonda Coleman.

La Shonda Coleman is the director of a Rape Treatment center, advocate for black woman and men, activist, and pretty much just an overall amazing woman. Her thoughts on love were just as amazing as she is.

“I define love in action. What I mean by that is, love is so comprehensive that even now I probably can’t name every facet of love. But what it is, in this moment now, love is this time of us standing here together and giving time to one another. To even have this conversation: ‘What is Love?’ Love is seeing someone, and really, truly, seeing them and valuing them as a human being living life on the planet. Love is a kind word. Love is an embrace. Love is sitting still. Love is just around us right now, when I think of the air and the trees. Love is this boundless entity to me. Love is God. Just my faith, as a Christian, love is Christ. That love is manifested into me, and into all of us. Love is gratitude. Again, there’s no way I could name every bit of it. But love is… it is. Love is, and it’s almost like fill-in-the-blank. I like the question so much, because I think we can be distracted and focused on things opposite of love. Love is greater. Love is great. Love is the greatest. And love is what gives me life.”

I remember being in this moment with her, listening to her words and looking into her eyes. She is a really loving person, and I am so happy I was able to listen and be inspired by her.



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