Love in a Coffee Shop


The past couple of days I have been going to a new coffee shop each day. Even now, at 9pm, I am writing in a coffee shop about going to a coffee shop. Places like cafes have a lot of foot traffic, people coming in to write, read, drink coffee with friends, or even just zipping through to get their caffeine fix. The possibilities of people that you will meet are endless…but sometimes you’d be surprised what little things can bring the right people together.

I decided to go visit a café that I have never been to before called The Gypsy Den. The amazing vibe of this coffee shop cannot be compared to any other. There are a lot of different kinds of people that go through this place, it’s inside an “anti-mall” so there are many people from different walks of life coming through. As I sat down and got my laptop out, I couldn’t help but hear the man and woman next to me speaking so vibrantly in a different language. I was curious to know what they were speaking, but I kept my thoughts to myself in fear that I may offend them by asking.

They left for a second, and the woman asked politely if I could watch her things while she went somewhere. I happily said yes and continued to do my work on my laptop. She asked me again a few times, and I always said yes. Once it was my turn to leave, my curiosity took hold of me and I asked

  “What language were you speaking earlier? I’m sorry, I’m just so curious!”

She replied that the language was Farsi, I complimented her and we talked about how animated different languages are. And just like that, I had made a new friend.

Her smile was so vibrant and happy, I felt so comfortable talking to her. She told me that they were looking at poems by Rumi, an old poet that love to talk about love. This intrigued me, so I told her about the Define Love Project… and asked her opinion about love.

She would then become my first interview for the Define Love Project…

   “So, how do you define love?”

     “I think love… love is something- actually, love is everything. It means, actually, oneness, and passion, and unity. We only need love in this world. We don’t have it right now, and if we try to be united and feel each other’s feelings, and what we think- We can accept each other. I think this is very important: we accept each other’s opinions, each other’s religion, and each other’s beliefs. This is very important. If we do this, love will appear in this world.”

    “In the Tao Te Ching it says that ‘love is greater than fear’, what do you think about that?”

     “I think love is not opposite of hate, love is opposite of fear. If we have fear, there is no love. Fear is something that follows ego, when we follow our ego we follow fear. This is the opposite of love. This is something that, unfortunately, is in the world. It is spreading in our world right now. There is fear everywhere, and when fear is everywhere there is no love. We have to understand this, we have to understand our fears and where they come from, and then stop it. Don’t listen to it. Then love will appear in our lives.”



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